I am so glad you have come for a visit!

No matter when you first approach this portal, I invite you to check out my very first blog, I’m So Glad You’re Here. In that post I promised to “make it my business to create a place of peace and positivity.” I hope that whenever you decide to open Grandma’s Door, you will feel welcome and comfortable, and when you leave you will feel well-fed! I will do my best to create posts that might make you think more deeply or smile more widely. Most of all I hope that I can provide a sense of hope.

No matter how old I get, there are days that I wish Mom and Grandma were still alive! I could always count on them for comfort, wisdom, laughter, acceptance, guidance AND great food. After Mom and Grandma were gone, I was blessed to have Auntie Alice, Auntie Lil, and “Mom K,” who continued to nurture me and my family. It is now my turn to pass on to my children and grandchildren the wisdom and love of those remarkable women. I also want to share that sense of warmth and confidence with YOU!

Thank you, for spending this bit of time with me! Remember, Grandma’s Door is always open and YOU are always welcome!