I’m So Glad You’re Here

Welcome! You are in a very special category! This is my first blog post and so you are in the first group of people reading it. If you are one of my family members, Facebook friends, alumnae of Holy Family Academy in Chicago, or members of Christ the King Parish or St. Patrick Church of Hartland, I thank you with all my heart for joining me in this new adventure! For those of you coming to this blog from a recommendation or engine search, please know that I appreciate the time you have invested in this visit.

The first question on your mind is most likely, “What will I gain from the time I spend reading this blog?” I can tell you that I will make it my business to create a place of peace and positivity. I hope you will return here, whenever the world seems to make no sense, and you will find a verbal “comfy couch” where you may put your feet up and find rest and refreshment.

In choosing the title for this blog I considered the fact that the greatest joy in this time of my life is my eight grandchildren. Of course, I love my three children, after all, without them there would be no grandchildren! Still, for the past 12 years I have repeated the wisdom of some other unknown author, “If I knew grandchildren were this much fun, I would have had them first!”

Yes, indeed, grandchildren are tremendous fun because as a grandparent my only task is to love them and pray for them. Grandma’s Door is the portal to joy, acceptance, gentle discipline, and peace. Children live at a high level of energy, excitement, and busy-ness! Their lives are being pushed along by current societal trends and expectations. When they arrive at Grandma’s, I want them to be anticipating an energetic hug, a genuine smile, some great food, and a understanding ear.

That is my pledge to all my readers, I will make Grandma’s Door a place where you may enter just as you are and find words of comfort, peace, and sometimes gentle challenge. When the Spirit leads, I will share some old family recipes for genuine comfort food. I hope you will make the choice to stop by on a regular basis, because Grandma’s Door is always open and you are always welcome!


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